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Hello! I'm Sam Baliga, a graphic designer from Chennai. India. I am currently cultivating my crazy at OKRP in Chicago. You can call me Sam, Sammy, Samuel, Baliga, Baligs, QueenB, or just Bob. Anything you want really. I love a good nick name.


I am a double Masters graduate of graphic design, the most recent being an MA in Graphic Design Visual Experience from the Savannah College of Art and Design (2017). The other is an MA in graphic design from the Stella Maris College in Chennai in 2009 where I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 2007 as well.

Here's my resume to fill you in with all the important details.


Bold, vibrant, and confident is how I define myself and my work. Follow me on Instagram @sambaliga to get a glimpse of all that jazz.