Hello! I'm Samyuktha Baliga, a visual designer and design thinker from India. You can call me Sam, Sammy, Samuel, Baliga, Baligs, QueenB, or just Bob. Anything you want really. I love a good nick name.

Bold, vibrant and confident is how I define myself and my work. My strength lies in creating and curating holistic experiences. Between the business knowledge that I have acquired on the job and the creative experiments that I have had the opportunity to freak out with in graduate school, I have a balanced understanding and approach to research, methodology and solution.

I am a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and design with an MA in Graphic Design Visual Experience. I got my first MA in Graphic Design in 2009 from Stella Maris College in Chennai, India. Between both degrees I have worked at an e-publishing company, design studio, multi national ad agency and as a freelancer.

Here's my resume to fill you in with the details.


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