36 Days of Type 2019


Ok. Fine. More like 5 Days of Type. Honestly, after 5 days of all work and no sleep, sleep won. BUT, I’m back to working on it in my free time and will finish by the end of the year. Or 36 months. Who knows.

For this year’s theme, I was inspired by art. Every designer ever so often goes through an identity crisis and earlier this year that was me. So I used this as an opportunity to learn more about folk art forms, artists, techniques, and history in an attempt to be re-energized as a designer. Additionally, everything is being created on an Ipad pro, a first for me.


A for Aboriginal Art | Australia | #36daysoftype 🌟
Fun fact - The Australian Aboriginal tribe doesn't have a written language! Much like cave paintings, most shapes, even the seemingly abstract, are symbols that tell a story.

B for Blue Pottery | Jaipur, India | #36daysoftype
Fun fact- Although associated to Jaipur, Cobalt dyed pottery has turko-persian roots. Also, I went to a blue pottery factory once and bought green pottery instead 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.

C for Chittara | Karnataka, India | #36daysoftype
Fun fact- Fairly unknown to most people, Chittara art is painted on walls of homes by women of the vanishing community of Deevarus. The subject of the painting is usually important moments in a person's life, the most ellaborate being the wedding scene. So here I am Chilling with my Chianti in Chi town, living my best life, single AF.


D for De Stijl | Netherlands, 1917 | #36daysoftype
Fun fact- 'The Style' was a movement born out of a utopian ideology at the end of WW1. The simple, abstract and "plastic-ness" represents a balance between individual and universal, man and machine. It extended to art and architecture as well!

E for Engraving | Inspired by Albrecht Dürer | #36daysoftype 🌟 It took me only an extra 74939363 hours of hatching and cross hatching, but I made it!
Fun fact- One of the most common scenes to depict in the 1500s was that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Fall of Man is one of Dürer's most famous engravings and my personal favorite. This is my interpretation of it, with the soft and hard leaves representing the female and male characters.