Casual Moves

A trendy men's apparel brand that focusses on comfortable and affordable clothing that caters to young boys and aged men alike.




Casual Moves is a name that denotes some ease and youth. The brand required a makeover to deliver to the classy and trendy market of today, without losing its established older clientele.


One animal that seems laid back yet always at the peak of its game, is the fox. It has the ability to exist in a pack, yet it mostly likes to stand out from a crowd. They are fast in body and mind. These agile and confident characteristics echo the sentiments of the brand.


The new identity is defined by strong lines and bold contrasts. A pop of neon along with a classic black and white combination bridges the age gap between the intended users of 15 and 60 years.

The grunge of the primary font is a playful contrast to the strong lines of the logo, mimicking the traits of a fox.