Dating the Modern Woman in America

This cheeky data visualization is derived from a study on dating apps and the integral role a woman's actions play in the successful functioning of mobile dating.


Data visualization of static content
Prof. Joe DiGioia

SCAD Secession 2017 - Finalist

With dating becoming so much more accessible with the boom in technology, users seem to be more removed from the process making the interactions driven by anonymity. Today's women do not stand for the crap thrown at them and are moving away from it.


The research covers interactions by individual who identify themselves as straight. The biggest resources for this visualization were the OKCupid blog, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and my own highly entertaining interaction with dating apps.




The project uses the medium of space to convey time and process. Displayed in the main corridor of Adler Hall, the graphic design department at SCAD, this project created a lot of buzz, discussion and heated arguments. The visual language is inspired by common mobile typefaces and emojis that make it even more relatable and an interesting topic of conversation.


Simple stickers were created using the recently released line of 'women at work' emojis.