Heston Bites

Heston Bites is a newspaper inspired by the creative culinary mastermind - Heston Blumenthal


Type and narrative visualization
Prof. Sohee Kwon

SCAD Secession 2017
- Bronze

Heston Blumenthal is a British culinary MasterChef who has altered the path of British food forever. Considered to be one of the greatest molecular gastronomists of our time, he has delighted his diners for over 20 years now.

Being self-taught, he constantly challenges preconceived notions and is always on the fringe of innovation.

Articles, quotes and recipes used in the newspaper were sourced from Heston’s 7 tv shows, 9 books and multiple interviews.


Below are 10 typographic pieces designed to illustrate the content and character of this Heston inspired newspaper.

Click on each to view details and process.