Heston Bites

Heston Bites is a newspaper inspired by the creative culinary mastermind - Heston Blumenthal


Type and narrative visualization
Prof. Sohee Kwon

SCAD Secession 2017 - Bronze

Heston Blumenthal is a British culinary MasterChef who has altered the path of British food forever. Considered to be one of the greatest molecular gastronomists of our time, he has delighted his diners for over 20 years now.

Being self-taught, he constantly challenges preconceived notions and is always on the fringe of innovation.

Articles, quotes and recipes used in the newspaper were sourced from Heston’s 7 tv shows, 9 books and multiple interviews.


Below are 10 typographic pieces designed to illustrate the content and character of this Heston inspired newspaper.


1. "The Earth is so delicious"

This cover page sets the tone with its message and technique.


This piece was constructed in place - within the hollow of a cut down tree at the local park. The type was cut out of blue foam and placed within the space. It was then covered with dirt, fresh moss and finally worms to bring it to life.



2. Passion + Hard work = Magic

The first article traces Heston’s path to genius. Being self-taught, he proves that passion, dedication, sacrifice and a lot of hard work is the recipe for brilliance.


3. Molecular gastronomy is dead


Written by Jay Rayner, this article speaks of how Heston does not appreciate the term Molecular Gastronomy. He says it sounds daunting, while in reality it is just about understanding and then manipulating the scientific process of cooking.

4. The difference between taste & flavor


Heston breaks down the tongue in this text, sourced from his book Heston at home. The five tastes namely salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami, when understood well results in an absolutely tongue-gasmic culinary experience. 


5. "Food should be about fun, laughter and excitement!"

6. & 7. Food and the brain

This article, a snippet from one of Heston’s books, explains how eating is a multi-sensorial experience, one that Heston so skillfully manipulates to extend the eating experience beyond the usual and expected. 


7. Sensory Explosion

As an extension of the same article, this design illustrates the idea of a sensory explosion. Understanding the science behind it can train diners to reach for unusual culinary delights.


8. “It is my intention to turn that nervousness, that trepidation, into a WOW factor”

By always striving to push boundaries, Heston sometimes has to step way beyond the line to test how acceptable people are to the out of the ordinary. Sometimes he goes too far. But almost always finds a way to cross over that limit the next time around.


9. Let's cook an egg

The pizzaz of Heston's food can be experienced in both his other worldly experience and his scientifically accurate 'traditional' home cooking. These pieces highlight these two varying sides. The one above was designed to support the WOW factor of the fairy tale inspired recipe of the 'Goose that laid the golden egg'. The typographic exploration below is a clinical representation of perfect ways to cook an egg. 


10. Heston, we have a problem

Heston’s latest pet project has been about space exploration. Working with British astronaut Tim Peake, Heston has reimagined space cuisine. This is an article from theguardian.com.


The layout of this page plays with the idea of gravity. To counter the zero gravity form of the 'bacon', the article is laid out upside down, almost like looking up/down into another dimension of space.


It is ideal that the article on space cuisine is placed at the very end considering the cover page is about our decadent earth. These two realities placed side by side fully encompasses Heston's strength as a Master Chef.