The Park Diwali Gift Hamper

A Diwali gift hamper designed for The Park Hotels, a contemporary Indian boutique hotel that exudes impeccable style and design innovations. 

Featured on
and The Choi’s Gallery magazine,
Vol. 16, April 2012, Shanghai, China



This festive design is inspired by the ancient Indian folk art form, Madhubani. Also known as Mithila art, it originates from the region of the same name which is in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. The roots of this beautiful rustic art form dates back to the ages of the Ramayana.




The Ramayana is an Indian Epic that is the story of Lord Rama, who at the end of his 14 years of exile kills the demon Ravana and returns back to his city of Ayodhya with his wife and brother. They are greeted with grand festivities which is now known as Diwali.


It is believed that it was during this period in time that women of the region adorned their walls with such decorative patterns to welcome the gods.


The gift, as directed by the Hotel, consists of a bag within which is a bottle of Prosecco, a box of ingredients and a recipe booklet. The tall bag was the ideal surface to reimagine the walls of the Ramayana era. The characteristics of Madhubani are retained but presented in a contemporary computer generated world.

The rich patterns and bold colors speak the language of the festival while supporting the Hotel's aesthetic. Silver foiling used in certain areas of the design enhances the luxe quality of it.