Zubi Candy Rocks

A Range of delicious hard candy handmade with love by Zubi in India.   

Featured on howdesign.com as one of 20 Design Treats: Candy Packaging Too Good to Open



Fifth Estate/2015

Zubi is a brand that appeals to both children and adults alike. The carefully hand crafted product is rich in flavor and texture. Zubi Candy Rocks transports the consumer to a different realm, one of joy, happiness and absolute yumminess.  


The fantasy inspired theme is an expression of the world Zubi comes from. Each flavor is illustrated by a landscape of vibrant color combinations, vast spaces of mountains, lakes and fruit bearing trees. The fruits themselves take an isometric form, reflecting the texture of the product, similar to the visual play adopted by the logo.


The Candy Rocks logo was designed before I took over the project. However, I extended the branding to be dynamic, highlighting the spirit of the brand. 


Zubi's overall image grew drastically with Candy Rocks. Sales sky rocketed in its first year as it came across as an international product sold at Indian prices. Pretty sweet indeed!